Gombby’s Green Island

A colorful TV show, entertaining and educational, that children will love!

Launched 2008 - Concept / Development / Music  YouTube Channel

Every day Gombby makes fresh bread and distributes it on the island riding his Eco-Bike. With Gombby, children will learn all about the breadmaking cycle and how everyday objects were invented, but they will also learn about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices and respecting the environment, about friendship and respecting others.

Gombby’s Green Island is all about discovery: discovering the world, others and ourselves.


Gombby Channel

Gives you access to a selection of the best episodes from Gombby’s Green Island. You can download episodes to watch anytime, anywhere, even when no connectivity is available.


Gombby Stickers

Offers a fun and entertaining way to interact with Green Island’s characters and objects. Children can give wings to their imagination and create their own stories with the series' backdrop.


A World of Wonders to Discover

Green Island is a very special place, full of color and adventure.
Join Gombby and his friends on a journey you won't forget.

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