Life is all about those meaningful and nostalgic moments in life that you simply don't want to forget. Ever!

Launched 2010 - Concept / Design / Development    Visit Website

Nostalgiqa is a unique fantasy place. Where the most meaningful and personal memories are stored. Like a family photo album, Nostalgiqa keeps a record of the most memorable events of your life.

Our approach was to build an handmade app, full of character and personality. Like a personal diary, Nostalgiqa was carefully crafted to create a sense of belonging.


Capture and Explore

There’s two ways of living the Nostalgiqa experience. Exploring through a never-ending trunk of personal memories, or capturing the essence of the most cherished moments in your life.


Pictures and Words

They say a picture is the most effective way to freeze a moment in time. But the words, oh, the words!



The great thing about Nostalgiqa is the chance to live other people's memories. It’s like living a different life, experiencing a distinct environment, a novel culture, a fresh way of feeling. It’s time travelling to the past. To someone else's past.


Places with Memories

Your memories are your own personal stories.
And stories have this unique power to connect people.
Nostalgiqa is set for a comeback in 2016.

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