The Game by Ronaldo

Targeting over 400M players worldwide, The Game is the first global crowdsourced football competition.

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Football has long been a magnetizing force for people, crossing countries and cultures, connecting players and fans from all around the world. Football is a truly universal language and one of its finest ambassadors is Ronaldo. We teamed up with Cristiano to bring you the ultimate competition.

Our goal is to democratize football playing. We reimagined street soccer, by creating the first global crowdsourced 5-a-side tournament, where grassroots teams are required to organize their own matches, like they always did. Our platform allows teams to schedules matches, agree on results, follow stats and career moves, putting squads from all over the world in a heart-pounding race for the World Championship title.

Branding and UI

Evoques the authenticity and rawness of grassroots soccer, played everywhere in the world where there's a passion and a ball to kick.


With your squad approved, it’s time for a league match. The platform will find you a team to challenge, taking into account your skills and availability.
Time to play and have some fun.

Match Results

Referees are optional, so we created a system that limits cheating to a minimum, enforced by tight deadlines. After the results are submitted, our Referee Team will check the data, and validate the match.
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