Mourinho And The Special Ones

An aspirational animated TV series, where José Mourinho leads a team of youngsters through the ride of their lives.

Concept / Design / Development / Music & Sound Effects
The opportunity of a lifetime comes by when you least expect it and for Alex and his friends, a chance meeting with their hero, changes their lives forever. What was supposed to be a simple football match attracted the attention of the world’s greatest football coach. The Special One himself, Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho is so impressed with Alex and his friends that he decides to help them follow their dream while also settling a few old scores with his longtime nemesis, Viktor Von Haii, the owner of the Junior Sharks football team.

Mobile Game

The first full Augmented Reality Experience in Mobile Soccer Games. Experience Augmented Reality Soccer gameplay and watch your match from every angle!

Trading Card Game

Two players build themselves a team of footballers and a draw deck of skills and tactics then go head-to-head against each other. The game is played over two halves on a simplified playing area of lines representing the Pitch.
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