Crazy, nutty, wacky? Maybe ... We’re odd but we're good people. Whatever you need, we've most likely done it before. We've got plenty of experience and a lot of free smiles, so what are you waiting to put us to the test?

Meet The Team

Odd Bureau is a creative digital agency. Bearing in mind that people are more important than algorithms and machines, we aim to provide our customers with the very best. From audio & visual content to data science through web & mobile apps, we’ll do and make more than you expect of us... Well, at least we’ll try and as cast iron pans, scrapbooks or semantic memory, we just get better with #experience

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    João Oliveira

    The Dude

    Building and maintaining backend infrastructure: Any wisdom words for practitioners starting out?

    In the beginning try to read it. Use your charm and skills to soften it. Pay attention to acceptance signals. Score. After that, keep doing this through the days, weeks or years if that is your desire.

    If you were the letter ‘V’ in Big Data, you would be...

    Victorious. Yes. I'm a Benfica fan.

    If you were an app, you would be...

    SL Benfica 2.0

    What are you truly passionate about?

    Friends, family, Elorena and Benfica.

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    Luís Machado

    Rockstar Wannabe

    If you were a Techie Rockstar, you would be...

    A mix between Tony Fadell, Andy Rubin and Conrad Dippel but with hair.

    If you were an interface, you would be...

    That one who doesn't need explanation, if you know what I mean...I am a bad joke teller.

    If you could master one technology this year, it would be...

    Reactive Native or an IoT technology.

    If you were an app, you would be...

    Spotify so that way I could play music all day long, I think everyone would be happy with it because I'm a great singer.

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    Paulo Ribeiro

    The Godfather

    Take us through the most important skills of your team.

    Expertise, autonomy, execution, resilience. Plenty of those.

    What gets you out of bed in the morning?

    The predictable unknown.

    What inspired you to start Odd bureau?

    Doing the work I love with the people I love to work with.

    Can you tell a story about a customer using your product?

    A product should be the result of the best of those stories. It’s hard to pick one, but it’s easy to see them in our products.

    If you were an app, you would be...

    Kindle + Wikipedia = unlimited knowledge.

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    João França

    Data Whisperer

    If you had the power, you would like to discover the pattern of...

    The human brain. Now why would I want that would be a great question. Suffice to say that one of the most famous AI models is inspired in this little marvelous box.

    What does a data scientist need the most?

    Knowledge, dedication and, most of all, love the job. If you got the love part, dedication and knowledge will surely follow.

    Are you more for Machine learning or Data mining?

    They're not two separate disciplines. Data mining is the process of extracting knowledge from your data. And machine learning can really help you with that.

    If you were an app, you would be...

    I’d rather not be an app, being a human is so much more fun. Just think about the limitations of doing the same thing forever, over and over.

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    Joana Oliveira

    Developer Under the Spell of Nina Simone

    If you were an Instagram account, you would be...

    That depends... @lenadunham most of the days and @takubeats when I'm feeling really good. Go check them.

    If you were a website, you would be...

    Pickle cat. And Fubiz.

    Frontend Developers and UI/UX designers: Do these positions overlap?

    The border between them is very tiny. It's an eternal love and hate relationship...

    If you were an app, you would be...

    A hybrid mixture between Spotify and Tumblr. And Google Maps!

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    Emanuel Silva


    If you had power, you would like to...

    Speak every language of the Universe. I really want to be part of the Earth Welcoming Committee for World Alien Delegation that will happen for my 50th birthday - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and I spend a lot of time communicating via our Speak & Spell units.

    If you were a social network, you would be...

    Instagram because a picture is worth a thousand words.

    If you were a tweet, you would be...

    "Where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen #quote

    If you were an app, you would be...

    A Calculator for my daily Stats and let me quote Scottish poet Andrew Lang: "He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts - for support rather than for illumination".

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    Ruben Semedo

    Designer Chimp

    If you were a font, you would be...

    Comic Sans, because everyone thinks I'm great and awesome, and they're right!

    Which skills/applications do you use daily?

    Creativity, persistence and an arm. No great design has ever been created without an arm.

    Name some of your design heros.

    I've only one design hero: Myself!
    After this Kanye moment, let's make a list: Ryan Putnam, Nick Slater, Dann Petty, Julien Renvoye, UENO, Tobias van Schneider, Meg Robichaud, Matt Yow.

    If you were an app, you would be...


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    Joel Oliveira

    PM, Puppet Master

    What’s your secret to keep sanity when managing ODD Team?

    "Do you wanna know my secret? I am always" insane like the rest of them. Different people will give you different levels of sanity to work with, and in some cases you'll get to work with thy neighbour's crazyness. That's the secret, adapt to their madness!

    If you were a Techie Rockstar, you would be...

    Myself in 10 years!

    If you were an app, you would be

    Trello: Because I am the Master, baby!!

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    João Sousa

    Senior Junior

    You recently joined ODD Bureau: What do you like about your current work environment?

    It's hard to explain. It's really ODD...

    Describe your programming habits.

    First I enumerate all the steps that I need to take to implement a feature.
    Next, analyze if those steps affect, in any way, other parts of the project.
    And then I start to code - if the task is too complex, I design a small pseudo-code in paper, before starting.
    At the end I check if the developed code fulfils the feature's definition and deliver the code to approval.

    If you were an app, you would be...

    TripAdvisor. One of my biggest passions is to learn new cultures and experiences, if I were an app I would be one that will allow me to share and learn from experiences of people around the world.

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    José Teixeira

    Wizard Look-Alike

    If you were a function of an intelligent robot, which would you be?

    Deeply pondering on the raison d'être of my cold, metallic existence in this ever-expanding mysterious universe. That, or sleeping.

    What is your favorite development language and why?

    I am polyamorous regarding programming languages, but please don't tell python I said that.

    What’s hard about coding?

    Hard? Coding is easy! Now let me get back to fixing that bug...

    What are your top 5 predictions for the next 20 years?

    If all goes well, my superpowers should awaken anytime now, whatever else happens is peanuts.