A plug’n’play shopping intelligence platform to improve e-commerce sales.

Concept / Design / Development
E-commerce has stepped into its golden age. Everyday customers buy millions of products from online stores. But having an online business does not amount to large sales. Buyzzing is a solution for insights, interaction and engagement between e-stores and consumers. Realtime data, customer intelligence, conversion funnels and product insights, all in one cloud app seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.

Relevant Analytics

Buyzzing decodes all the meaningful data to help you drive more sales. Get to know your customers, where they come from, when they buy and how long they spend in your store. All in realtime.

Customer Intelligence

Buyzzing helps you build effective relationships with your customers, by letting you tap into their preferences in detail.

Conversion Funnels

Walk customers through the buying experience instead of losing them. Buyzzing helps them get what they want faster.

Retention Analysis

Know which customers are returning and win back those who aren’t. Turn all those odd visitors into happy customers.

Product Insights

Buyzzing identifies your best sellers as well as your sure flops, allowing you to cut through the noise and offer your customers their dream catalogue.
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