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An annual event where more than 100 surgeons join a world-class team of professionals to discuss ideas, insights and the latest developments on Facial Plastic Surgery.

At ODD, we were responsible to give a push in a direction that connected the MyFace brand right with their audience. This ranged from refreshing the Brand and re-activate it in different mediums like the Event App, Social Media and the Website, of course.


The used mediums evolved and with them so did the brand, so we turned it up to 11, polishing and tuning the brand to be multi-purpose: Clinic, Academy and Event.

Working on an already existent logo is always a good challenge, we need to make it better but at the same time keep it recognisable to the already existent public.

The ending result was a strengthened version of the brand adding new graphic elements, building up to new colours and contrasts combinations and, at the end, complementing it with photography.

This helped to state the Brand as professional, global and pivotal on the Facial Plastic Surgery world.
Bright Blue
Dark Blue

The Event

Due to the standardisation, every small or big representation of Brand was on point.

The Event, supported by its digital counterparts - The Website and App, was the one big representation of the Brand.

This year we improved it with new decoration, walls and booths, and completed with an attendee package including: attendee cards, program, flyers and attendance certificate.

The Website

The main digital presence of the event. Designed & Developed from the ground up by yours truly.  Contains all the information of the event including Faculty, Location and Program.

It also enables the users to register for the event and to the online video-platform.

Mobile App

To help the attendees, a mobile App, for iOS and Android, was designed and developed specifically for the event.
There, the users could:

Keep track of the Event program, based on their ticket

Network with the Speakers

Get directions to the Event venues

Video Platform

Not everyone could attend this prestigious so we made the MasterClasses and Live Surgeries available online.

ODD Bureau is the creative light who have brought us a whole new differentiating dimension. Their enthusiasm goes hand in hand with a strong brand reasoning which has allowed us to overcome the many obstacles in our way.

José Carlos Neves
CEO @ MyFace
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