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UI & UX Design




For this restaurant, loved by vegetarians from all around the world, we shaped a Website complete with menu, gallery, life principles, and a Mobile app so you could order their blissful food to your work or home.

We believe we did them justice and delivered a complete product on-par with their mission:
"To simplify, beautify, and transform the lives of everyone we come in contact with through sharing eight principles of healthy, whole living."

Design & UX

The presentation of plant-based food must be colorfully diverse. We enhanced this by creating a good contrast between the food elements and the remaining design components.

The Website

Vivid and tasteful food, delighted people, an exciting place and healthy lifestyle principles.We put these together, on a beautiful and responsive website.

Although very visual, the ending product, was easy on your eyes and on your data plan, loading in a snap.

Mobile App

Developed with different types of people in mind, ranging from the business-woman on the run to the tourist with time, the UX was, as expected, a very important aspect of the Design of the App.

Available in iOS and Android, the App lets users explore the menu dishes and drinks, and choose which they want delivered to them.

Back-office / API

A Back-office was made available to the Restaurant so that they could control:

Status of the Orders

Riders and Trips

Integration with already existent 3rd-party services of delivery and payment was needed to keep management complexity to a minimum.
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