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HX50, the first aircraft from Hill Helicopters, is been conceived as a genuinely best of breed personal helicopter, crafted upon field-proven engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing and iconic British design.

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The team at Hill Helicopters has been working on HX50 for 20 years, pooling their huge collective skills, experience and enthusiasm for being part of this revolutionary project. It is the first light helicopter to be specifically designed for private owners.



A brand that evoques both state-of-the-art engineering and luxury ownership on par with everything that comes with a premium lifestyle.
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The Website

An ongoing, but enjoyable, effort on bringing up a single source of truth for everything related to Hill.

It covers the continuous needs that a dynamic company like Hill creates, be it:
- a description and specification details of the disruptive HX50; 
- a Vlog detailing the journey in building this unique aircraft; 
- a special configurator so future owners catch a glimpse of their soon-to-be private helicopter;

Everything brought together and made available in multiple languages, including russian, portuguese and spanish.

The Configurator

We made the HX50 available in living colour with the configurator: besides a classic, clean white, the palette includes a deep-sea blue, three rich, warm shades and a couple of gleaming tech-inspired finishes.

Users are invited to use their imagination as they take part in designing the look and picking options of their future aircraft.

Digital Channels Management

From the time Hill Helicopters launched their project in August 2020, we have been involved in an ongoing campaign to promote the aircraft, providing content for regular newsletters and posts to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
This extends to notifying HX50 enthusiasts about upcoming events, including Livestream transmissions, which we help to organise.  
We consult closely and frequently with Hill to support their campaign to increase awareness about the HX50, an effort which up to this point has been very successful.
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