A complete rebrand for Portugal’s leading general aviation company, with 32+ years of experience, 22 aircraft and 6,000+ professionals trained.

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Sevenair Group is the largest general aviation group in Portugal with over 30 years of aeronautical experience. Beyond transporting passengers across Portugal as well as on scenic flights, their Academy offers training for anyone who wants a career in aviation: aspiring pilots, cabin crew, flight dispatchers and maintenance technicians. They also have an engineering division providing general maintenance and avionics, and in addition offer aircraft brokerage services.  
Image of a sevenair plane flying over the water

A Complete Rebrand 

As well as fresh aircraft livery and stationery, we have designed a website complemented by ongoing development, and manage Sevenair’s digital presence through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our strategic digital marketing campaigns reach a large audience of potential future pilots, technicians and cabin-crew students, creating awareness and leads. 


A palette that is striking, vibrant and, above all, distinctive and representative of Sevenair’s “The Sky is our Home” motto.   

Aircraft livery 

Gives the entire fleet a clean, bright and unmistakably professional appearance, highly visible while in flight or on the ground.  


Brochures, leaflets and letterheads, all with elegant logo, are clear, informative and beautifully illustrated, promising an efficient service.  

The Website

Easy and logical to navigate – all the visitor needs is close to hand, whether booking a flight, researching the training school or scheduling maintenance. Concise text and stunning images make destinations more enticing and/or a career in aviation more appealing, while enhancing the message boosting the brand.
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