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VOLTO for Conferences has been designed and developed from the ground-up as an all-in-one, appealing, user-friendly platform to bring your virtual and hybrid events to life.

It can be easily adapted to any event size, whether you're organizing a 1 hour session or a 24/7 multi-track global conference. It is also built for scale, so it won't break a sweat if you suddenly get 500,000 more attendees than you were expecting.

Ticketing, multi-track programs, speaker and attendee profiles, sponsors, exhibitors and virtual booths, networking, live polls and session chat, live streaming and video-on-demand, you name it.

VOLTO for Conferences is a web-based, mobile-friendly platform that runs everywhere, loaded with the features you need to take your virtual conference to the next level.

Branding and UI

A brand with a vanilla flavour which mimics the product itself.

It's minimalistic but at the same time able to adapt by stirring up the flavour with the event's own identity.

Not another digital platform for events

Virtual First

Virtual conferences shouldn't try to emulate real ones. By the contrary, virtual events should totally embrace the best digital platforms have to offer.

Our goals and roadmap are entirely focused on improving the online experience for everyone, regardless of the event being hybrid or entirely virtual.
White Label

VOLTO for Conferences allows for the
customization of the overall look and feel, including logos, colours, section names, role descriptions, main page and email messages.

It can even run on your own

You can really make it your own.
Managed Platform

We believe your focus shouldn't be on the platform, but rather on the actual delivery of the event.

That's why we offer VOLTO for Conferences as a fully managed solution, with our team taking care of the platform setup and maintenance from start to finish.

Bringing Success to Events

The VOLTO platform family was launched mid-July 2020. Since then, we haven't stopped working with a few amazing partners and clients.
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