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 The Careonics Smart Bed Solution is a complete suite of health and comfort-enhancing components aimed at making a patient's life safer and easier.

Supporting a state-of-the-art bed, it is adapted for each patient's needs, implementing motors that change the bed's position, a call-button and a communication module, all integrated into a simple but efficient system.

It connects via Bluetooth (to a mobile device) making it possible for a patient or family member to control the Bed via Mobile App.It also connects via Wi-Fi to give real-time information to a centralised Back-Office. 


“Careonics” isn’t just a new name, it constitutes a whole new approach to creating a much-needed product for people with mobility issues, particularly those confined to a bed in a setting such as a hospital or nursing home.

It signifies simplicity associated with the platform’s ease-of-use and the way it fits to our users’ particular needs.

The concept which led to the name, in turn led directly to the logo, which combines a basic, gentle gesture of help with beautiful curved lines.

The Platform

For Administrators

The administrator can deploy smart-beds wherever patients are located, with the ability to operate total remote management of these beds via Web and Mobile App.

For Caregivers

The caregiver can access a Dashboard via Web or Mobile App, receiving real-time information on beds, and being notified rapidly when something is wrong.

For Patients

The patient can control their bed with their Smartphone or call for help with a simple button. This enables them to be comfortable and confident with the smart bed and the support provided by trained personnel.

The Website

A welcome card for anyone interested in the platform, whether a potential end-user (individual or institution) or someone interested in the commercial prospects of reselling the solution. 

The end result is a simple but effective page that clearly highlights all the current features of the Careonics suite, complete with its applications.
The use of animation to illustrate the scope of the Smart Bed’s range of adjustment adds to the visitor’s appreciation of the solution.

Here we go into detail regarding the main users of the platform: Administrators, Caregivers and Patients, and its modules: Smart Bed, Back-Office and Controller App.

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